We’re all going through uncertain times and even though everything looks like it will still last for a while, everything we can do now is to not lose hope. In the end, it will be ok. Plus, even though we need to practice social distancing and spend as much time as possible at home, from quite a few points of view, this entire situation is far from being terrible.

Technology shows, once again, that it can be one of our best friends, as it helps us do some of our regular activities just like before. But what happens if we need to take a big decision, like buying a new car, during the lockdown, for example? Can technology help us?

Of course it can. 

Besides all the materials you can find here, on CarManuals.org, and can be really useful for potential new car buyers, we’ve got a few more goodies for you! 

We’ve put together a list with some of the most important tips you should consider when looking for a new car and buying it during this period, in order to make sure you make the best decision! 

Sounds good, right? Let’s see what we have in store for all you future car owners out there, shall we?

Buy it only if you really need it 

https://d-3914046060505864444.ampproject.net/2205270638000/frame.htmlWe know, you’ve been waiting for a long time to get a new car and now you’re finally ready to make this step. But let’s not forget that social distancing and leaving the house just for essentials during this period are two of the most important aspects we should consider during the lockdown. 

Buy a new car only if it’s essential. Period.

If you’re still going to work and need it every day. If you need it for work. If you need it to take care of a vulnerable person. And the list could go on. 

Don’t get a new car just because you want to right now. It can wait for a while, don’t you think?

Conduct all your research online

Probably one of the most important steps in the entire car buying process is research

If you have already decided upon a specific make and model, you need to find everything about it. Besides the specs, you also need information about the engine or some of the car’s most common problems and how easy it is to fix them. 

This is where CarManuals.org comes in again, providing such information upfront, so you know exactly what you should expect. 

Additionally, our recommendation is to join forums and owners’ clubs, where you can find exact details directly from those who already own the model you’re after. 

Configure it yourself

Good, so you know the make and model you want. Now, it’s time to see how much you’re going to pay for it!https://d-3914046060505864444.ampproject.net/2205270638000/frame.htmlMost car manufacturers offer an online configurator for every model in their portfolio, so it will take just a couple of minutes to create your dream car. 

You begin with selecting the engine and then choose the paint and wheels, followed by all the available options. You’ll see that it’s very simple and entertaining, in some way or another. And when you’re done, you’ll see how much your desired configuration will cost. 

As a side note, don’t get discouraged if the final price doesn’t fit in your budget. Many car dealerships have special offers and your chances of getting the configuration you made for a lower price are really big. 

Make use of the Internet

Again, during this period, the idea is simple: it’s highly recommended to leave the house only for essentials unless you don’t need to go to work daily. Therefore, if you really need to get a new car, you must stick to the same rules.

Obviously, this makes the whole buying process a bit difficult but not impossible. 

Presuming that the lockdown wouldn’t exist, you could go to the dealership to examine your future car, see all the details and even take it for a quick spin. But hey, we need to adapt to the current situation, no matter what. 

YouTube can be your best friend in this case, as you can find reviews for pretty much any car you can think of. And no, we’re not talking about short, 5-minute presentations but in-depth analysis, through which you will find out everything about your next car. 

Considering that most dealerships are currently closed under the Government’s advice, it will be a bit difficult to schedule a test drive or sign the papers if you already took a decision. However, if you really need one to get to work, for example, a lot of them are offering full online journeys, through video calls, which also include home delivery and e-signature to close the deal. You just need to ask!

Opt for home delivery

Some dealerships and retailers are now offering home delivery services, which is great news, especially for those who need a new car during this period. As mentioned above, everything it takes is to contact the dealer and see if this option is available. 

Again, it’s mandatory to maintain social distancing, so having your new car delivered in front of your door can really come in handy. 


Getting a new car during this period doesn’t look like an impossible task anymore, don’t you think? As long as you follow our tips, everything should end up just fine and you can have the car you want. 

We just can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain social distancing, so even if you believe that you should leave the house during the entire process, do it only if there aren’t any alternatives to doing what you need to do from home. Remember, the Internet can help you with anything you need, while the dealership is just one call away. 

Have you been through this process already? Let us know how buying a new car during the lockdown was for you and what obstacles you encountered, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!