As All-Hallow’s Eve ends, the arrival of rainfall will soon commence.
However, you have been so caught up with work and Halloween hype that you forgot to think about your car.
As it lies in your parking lot, you can’t help but think about its fate after getting bombarded by heavy rain.
After all, it’s just a few years old, and you don’t want the rain to ruin it.
So how can you make sure it stays damage-free as long as possible?
Here’s how!

Wax Your Car After Rainfall

You might think your car is protected from rain forever because of a coat of clear paint.
Even though water doesn’t damage the paint immediately, the clear color will erode and expose the exterior layers over time. These layers will then be vulnerable to contaminants and other substances.
Hence, it’s best to wash your car with a hose and then wax it. The wax will maintain the integrity of the paint.
Furthermore, you can also add a protective paint film, which can help prevent scratches and any additional damage.

Apply Sealant to Your Car
There’s that little rubber strip between your car and the outside.
Don’t let it get damaged since it helps keep out water and allows it to trickle outside.
Another method to waterproof your car is by applying a sealant. A sealant acts like a car polish and can prevent the exterior from degrading because of corrosion from rain and salt.
So after washing your car, apply the sealant by rubbing it onto the clean paint and then buff it with a microfiber cloth. This method can last for months, and you don’t have to worry about further paint loss.

Check Your Car Blades

Even if you don’t expect heavy rainfall during the week, it’s still best to check your blades.
You might head out on the weekend and suddenly experience extensive rainfall. So always make sure your car blades have enough fluid and aren’t worn out for safety purposes.
And if they’re worn out, replace them quickly before going on a long trip.

Shelter Your Car

Just as we seek shelter to prevent our clothes from soaking in the rain, the same can be said for cars.
If you don’t want your car to rust, always park it in the garage, under a carport, or shop awnings to minimize water access.
If you’re all out of options, think about getting a waterproof car cover for on-the-go protection. These waterproof covers won’t let water seep into your car, thereby preventing corrosion.
In severe cases, rust can start eating away at your car, and it would be time to do some repair work.
If you reside in Washington, then reach out to professional auto body repair services in Bellevue, WA, that can help you get rid of it before it’s too late.

Clean the Underside of Your Car

Lucky for us, we live on planet Earth where gravity keeps us on the ground.
But as Newton’s Law states, everything that goes up must come down; it also means water won’t stay on the top of your car for long. It will flow down and cause corrosion to the underbelly of your vehicle as well.
Thus, it’s better if you take your car to the car wash and have them clean the underside at least once a month.
Also, ensure to wash inside the wheels as this will help remove any salt and mineral deposits before they cause rust and corrosion.