Competing against Toyota is never an easy game. However, with more cars emerging in the automobile industry, it’s safe to say that there’s some fierce competition to stand against Toyota today. One of the show stoppers has to be the Mitsubishi Triton. While Mitsubishi’s marketing campaign has never been as engaging as Toyota’s, the former has come a long way to make its mark in the industry.

Today, with an ever-growing consumer base, Mitsubishi has taken the lead over many vehicles in the market. Here’s a detailed account of all the reasons that make this vehicle worth your time and consideration.

It’s Cost-Effective

If you compare the Hilux with an entry-level Triton, the latter is much more affordable. In comparison, a Hilux is $2000 more expensive. Hence, if you see both vehicles from a budget point of view, Mitsubishi definitely takes the lead. However, that’s not it. Triton is also known to give you the best value for money with its features and updated tech that will seem worth every penny you spend.

It Has a Longer Warranty

Toyota hasn’t really been at the forefront when it comes to the warranty duration. At most, it may promise you five years. Mitsubishi, on the other hand, offers a seven-year warranty, which is often a very crucial point of consideration for most consumers. If you’re someone who wants to avail the benefits associated with a vehicle’s warranty for a long period of time, you should go for the Mitsubishi Triton without a second glance.

The Model is Well-Styled

The newer Triton models are without a doubt, a delight to look at. Not only are they work-oriented, but they also look much more aggressive and modern in their appearance. Moreover, their clean-cut design is better than the age-old Hilux design for sure. It’s hard to find a vehicle that hits all the notes right, and Mitsubishi has so far proven itself in every field, be it the cost or the style.

It Consumes Less Diesel

As someone who has had a fair share of experiences with different vehicles, you must know how important it is for a car to use its diesel well. After all, nothing digs a hole in your pocket more than the cost of diesel every day.

Having to pay so much for fuel at the end of the day kills the whole point of having a vehicle. If we get into numbers, a typical Mitsubishi Triton uses around seven litres for every 100 kilometres, while the Toyota Hilux uses 0.1 litres more than the figure for Triton. Even though the difference seems minor right now, it costs a lot more in the long run.

It has Much Better Navigation

The new Mitsubishi Triton comes with an Android Auto and Apple CarPlay making it one of the best options when it comes to navigation. The features allow you to use Google Maps, listen to music and respond to texts easily as you drive through the smoothest ride of your life. On the other hand, the Hilux seems to be missing this option.

It has a Low Towing Capacity

While there are some claims based on which, Toyota Hilux is known to tow up to 3500 kg, Triton too can tow up to 3100 kg.


The GLS Premium in the new Triton range is probably one of the strongest contenders in terms of equipment and features. The safety tech alone is inclusive of several features such as blind-spot warning, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure, rear cross-traffic alert and much more. Hence, when you see it from a price point of view, it provides you with much more security at a price no other competitor can offer.

Apart from its strong security features, the car also has a beautiful interior with leather-appointed seats and seat warmers. Moreover, the list doesn’t stop here. While Android Auto and CarPlay had already been mentioned, the new GLS Premium also has parking sensors and power adjustment for seats. If we have to look into the things the vehicle is missing, they have to be satnav and a digital speedo, which can create problems for drivers in areas with weak phone coverage.

Moving on, the roof-mounted vents are a great source of air for passengers in the rear seats. Mitsubishi has also stated that there’s a lot more padding in the cabin this time; however, surprisingly, padding is more prominently on the doors than the armrests.

Despite some lackings here and there, the model is fully equipped with every modern facility you would expect it to have. Additionally, you’ll be stunned to see the exquisite imitation carbon fibre inside to lift the entire vehicle’s mood. The company also claims to have made changes for a better engine response and elevated comfort levels throughout your drive.

In the end, both Hilux and Triton are high-end vehicles with some of the best features for both their interior and exterior. Yet, if we compare the two objectively, Triton will definitely seem like a more reasonable option.

The best thing about this vehicle is that it’s one of the very few ones in the market right now to offer you great value for money. With its outstanding security features, navigation, suspension and appearance, the Mitsubishi Triton is strong enough to stand against bigger names in the market.

The Bottom Line

When choosing the right vehicle that justifies the amount you pay for it, we must look beyond the established notions of quality. Better quality is not always a result of a higher price and vice versa. If you’re someone who values quality over exaggerated marketing campaigns, it’s time to move beyond certain names in the market. You have to look for brands and manufacturers that have time and again proved their worth through their product. Yes, we’re talking about the Mitsubishi Triton, one of the most sought after vehicles in the world right now.

With that, you have sufficient information to make a decision that pays off in terms of cost-effectiveness and your vehicle’s performance as per your needs.