To a teen, driving a car is some sort of an exercise of freedom. Why not? It always feels good to roam around the city and hit the road, visit places you’ve never been, and experience a new feeling when driving.

On the other hand, driving is necessary for an adult because of the many responsibilities an adult focuses on. And sometimes, driving becomes only a means to an end. And when this end or task needs to be met as soon as possible, the basic rules of driving are forgotten, especially when in a hurry. And apparently, this is no longer healthy for this invites danger. Thus, a driver must cultivate habits to avoid trouble.

Therefore, listed below are seven handy habits that a skilled driver possesses to appreciate driving still and prevent any peril and hazard from happening.

1. Sticks With The Training

A skilled driver sticks with his training. If you aspire to be a professional driver, one of the useful habits you need to possess is to stick with the directives and commandments you received from your driving school lessons. Of course, it is not recommended to learn driving without learning it professionally.

Thus, you need to find the best driving school to teach you everything you need to learn when driving because you will get the necessary tools from there that will guide your driving attitude for the rest of your life. And so, if you currently reside in the cities of Altona or Melbourne, you should look for the best driving school Altona has to offer. Remember, only the best produce the best.

2. Drives In The Right Mindset

A skilled driver always drives in the right mindset. You should do the same because your driving will be affected when you’re not in the right mood. There are various things to consider when you’re on the road, such as intersections, other insensitive drivers, the road itself when it rains, and whatnot. Thus, you cannot let your negative emotions affect your thinking to avoid menace.

3. Values Safety

A skilled driver values safety. Safety is an essential consideration when driving because it is always a matter of life and death situation. When you are out there on the streets, you don’t only mind yourself but also others like other people’s vehicles or pedestrians. That’s why it’s fundamental for you to value safety.

You should always be using all of your senses. While your vision is commonly used, your feelings of hearing or smelling are equally important. You need to be attentive to your engine’s sound or the siren of an emergency right next to you. Consequently, you must modulate your music to be able to listen correctly. You can also utilize your sense of smell when something is leaking or when your car battery is overheating.

Hence, it’s safe to say that using all your senses is valuing safety. And when security is practiced, unnecessary problems do not come.

4. Obeys The Traffic Rules

A skilled driver obeys the traffic rules. It is sometimes an undeniable fact that if one is already a highly-experienced driver because of the many years of experience in driving, said driver no longer obeys the traffic rules. It happens almost all the time. And it’s not right because it will produce adverse consequences.

Thus, you should never ignore these all-important traffic rules no matter your vast experience in driving. You should know and follow the speed limit you should be going to. You must not move too fast because chances are, there will be a reduced time to react when unexpected things happen. It will be too late for you to move in the right direction. You must also observe the essential traffic lights to avoid hitting somebody or getting hit.

Further, be in the proper lane. Avoid tailgating or driving too close to another vehicle because it might put you to risk of collision. Most importantly, focus on the road and avoid texting or answering calls while driving.

5. Knows The Basic Automotive Mechanics

A skilled driver knows basic automotive mechanics. Meaning, you must know fundamental things about your car so that you can always survive on the road when mechanical defects occur. You need not be a mechanical expert, but you can learn how to change tires, jump a battery, add oil, or even change a light bulb.

Know that road assistance won’t always be available or accessible, especially when your car breaks down in unfamiliar places, and you’re all alone. Thus, you need to learn the basics to avoid stress and hassle.


Understandably, aspiring to be or being a skilled driver is hard work. But when you begin observing and bearing in mind these powerfully handy habits, driving will be a lot of fun to you. Besides, driving is no joke as it involves life and safety.