A luxury car is a larger investment than a regular car. It is only natural to make sure that you prepare your luxury car properly before you ship it. This will keep your car secure and safe during shipping day. Below are some of the things to consider in preparing your luxury vehicle for shipping.

Know Which Shipper Can Meet Your Needs

Some car transport companies are new while others have years of service under their belts. Choosing a credible and experienced car shipping company that specializes in specialty cars can make your experience more pleasant. Searching for one online is a good start. Check the credibility of the company you choose. The Better Business Bureau has information about customer complaints about every car shipper. Read customer reviews and find out how the company deals with different customer situations.

You can also consult friends or family members who just moved. They can express some feedback about the car shippers that they hired. You can also call up the companies on your shortlist. Representatives of these companies can provide you with valuable information about their luxury car shipment packages and options. From there, you can choose which shipper can meet your specific needs for your vehicle.

Make Sure to Empty Your Vehicle

It may sound practical to fill your vehicle with items that you need in your new home. This is not ideal for your luxury car. Some items may cause damage to your car’s interiors. Your belongings may also lead to theft. It is standard to empty your car before shipping.

Document the Inspection

You own a very expensive vehicle. It deserves a smooth and safe journey to your new home. Have your trusted mechanic inspect your car thoroughly. Document your mechanic’s and the shipper’s inspection through photos and videos. This will be powerful proof of your vehicle’s top condition. You can use the photos and videos if you need to place a claim for loss or damage.

Document your car’s exhaust fumes, underside, and rock panels. Take a video of the vulnerable parts of your luxury vehicle. Document your odometer as well. Do the same to the transport vehicle and the mover who will handle the shipping. This will be a valuable point of reference in case you need to file a dispute. It can also prove that the shipper offered a discount.

Have the Car Washed Thoroughly

Washing your luxury vehicle will allow your mechanic to see any scratches, dust, and bumps. You may also catch new scratches or dents. Wiping down your car’s interiors can clear out the dust, debris, and clutter. This will make your documentation more accurate.

Bring Your Car in for a Full Work Up

Have your mechanic perform a complete maintenance check on your luxury car. It should be in top shape before shipping. Your mechanic must replace all the fluids. The battery must have a full charge. The brake lines must be working well before transporting your vehicle. All your car’s components must be working before shipping day.

Switch off the Anti-theft System

Your luxury car is expensive. A built-in alarm system helps keep it safe. But it is not advisable to turn it on during shipment. The journey to your new home will be full of bumps and maybe some minor jolts. Your car’s sensitive alarm system will only make the transport annoying to the driver. Turning it off will keep the shipment relaxing.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

It may be intimidating to prepare the documents for your car’s transport. It is important to know that you should keep your insurance terms and bill of lading handy. Your car transport company will guide you through the paperwork. A representative will explain when you will need to have them ready.

Preparing Your Luxury Car Well for Shipment Will Keep Things Smooth and Easy

You spent a small fortune on your vehicle. Knowing that you need to move it to another area can be nerve-racking. Finding the right car shipper can give you peace of mind. Making sure that your luxury car is ready for transport can relieve your anxiety and stress as well. Work with your shipper so that you can look forward to receiving your luxury car at your new address.